Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lisbon race plan

Transition area
 The swim (1.9km)

The best of both worlds: salt water and no waves
Pacing. In my case, that's easy: I plan to swim as fast as I possibly can without sacrificing form or getting out of breath (i.e., not very fast).

What to think about. 
1. Remember to sight every so often
2. DON'T PANIC! If things get really rough, swim a few strokes of breaststroke
3. Look slightly ahead underwater and, when rolling to breathe, look at a point on the horizon
4. Lead with the elbows
5. Minimize kick but coordinate with the arm pull 

The ride (90km)

4 laps. About as flat as it gets
Pacing. Keep heart rate less than 149 beats per minute all the way, 153 tops. If I am getting splits of 1:40 per kilometer, then I am on pace for a 2h30 bike leg; if not, DON'T WORRY, I have been training for the FULL Ironman distance and I haven't done a full taper yet.

What to think about. 
1. Make sure I take all the food, water and salt that I'll need for the run
2. Keep upper body relaxed (i.e., not gripping the aero bars tightly)
3. Pedal in swift smooth circles
4. Careful not to incur drafting penalties (once you are enter a 7m x 3m box behind the rider in front, you have15 seconds to overtake and you cannot drop back). 

The run (21.1km)

4 laps. Also very flat
Pacing. Keep heart rate less than 170 beats per minute all the way; if I'm not feeling great then aim for less than 164.

What to think about.

1. Run tall, keep hips forward
2. Punch it forward
3. Keep taking gels, water and salt tablets

* ...because I know that I can
  ...because I want to make good my bad experience with the Boat Race, 20 years ago
  ...because I am very ANGRY to have lost my good friend Neil
  ...because I will be an Ironman (soon)

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