Monday, April 25, 2011

Dress rehearsal

I put on the trusty wetsuit in the swimming pool yesterday. I was exhausted before I even got in the pool. But what a difference it makes!! I did 200m in 2:55 which, for me, is ridiculous (normally I take 3:55 and that is giving it some welly). I did get very hot very quickly, so I had to take it off to do the rest of my workout. It seems like, the worse swimmer you are technically, the more benefit you get from wearing a wetsuit. Suits me!

Today I'll go for a run in my full competition regalia. I'm starting a brand new pair of Puma Kosmos trainers which should - in theory - be exactly the same as my old pair, but better to check. I laced them with some elastic laces last night so I can be sure that they won't come undone during the race.

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