Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Runs with the runs

Last night I felt pretty terrible, starting with a dodgy tummy that forced me to cut my swimming short. It was as though I were witnessing a battle that my body was raging against some unknown and unwelcome intruder. I crashed out at 9pm only to not be able to sleep past midnight, so I went downstairs and watched a film and drank copious amounts of water. I think (touch wood) my body won the battle. At least I feel a bit better this morning but I had no supper last night so I'll have to refuel well at breakfast. I'll be cautious about the training today - at least it is a "light" day with only 80 minutes running and a couple of weights circuits. Then I'll try to finish off the swimming from yesterday.

POSTDATA: I am still feeling crap, the "run" I did at lunchtime turned into a walk and I ended up taking the afternoon off. Emilio suggested it could be to do with the sunburn I got on Sunday - it makes sense...


  1. A couple of questions: When you say Emilio you mean Emilio Botín? What kind of films do you see downstairs, in silence and at midnight?

    Not a good idea running at lunchtime, too much sun... Good luck in your battle!!


  2. Haha, I was waiting for someone to say that. No, Emilio Santías (well, you knew that, I'm sure).

    You don't really want to know what kind of films I watch when I am on the turbo trainer. You see, when you are exercising, the body diverts blood to the zones that need it (NO, i'm not talking about that kind of film!) and away from the zones that don't, like the brain, for example. So I find I have to watch very very basic films to keep my attention - you know, Schwarzenegger or worse.

    I think the overdose of sun came from lack of sunblock and a 5 hour ride on Sunday. Running in the sun is something I have to get used to for Brazil. I mean, let's face it, an Ironman in itself is not a good idea if you put it like that... :-)