Thursday, April 14, 2011

I spoke too soon

I'm getting really fed up now - I've had diarrhea since Monday now and it's really screwing with my training. I did a 40 minute run at aerobic pace outside without too much problems but then the killer was the 40 minutes at Half Marathon intensity with a 9 kilo flak jacket. I started one of those absurd conversations with myself. It literally went along the following lines

- I'm feeling really crap, there is just NO WAY that I can keep this up another 30 minutes.
- You feel even worse all afternoon if you stop now, you'll be in a bad mood for the rest of the day and you have an important meeting this afternoon you can't afford to be down for.
- But surely this isn't doing me any good and, in any case, I'll be wrecked for my training tomorrow.
- This is the kind of training session that makes a difference, don't wimp out.
- Come on, Jonathan said that even if I do only 80% of the training, I'll be in good shape.
- If you finish this, you can really celebrate and feel good about yourself!
- But I've got to do four hours on the bike tomorrow!
- NEVER think about tomorrow's sesssion while you are doing today's!
- I'm pressing the stop button...
- I'll let you buy yourself some piece of triathlon kit if you finish, whatever you want!
- I'm really pressing the stop button...
- If you do this then maybe you'll be able to break the 10 hour barrier in the Ironman...
- That's crap - I'm pressing the stop button NOW...

...and I could see my hand press the button as if it were someone else's hand. I only managed to do 10 minutes with the jacket on and another 10 without and now I feel exhausted and I still have a swim to do this afternoon, not to mention getting up early tomorrow to start on the 4 hours of cycling I have to fit in around work.

The main thing is to put a stop to the runs - I mean the diarrhea, not the running of course - and to keep hydrated. Then I have to concentrate on the quality of the remaining training sessions and not obsess about the small (hopefully it will still be so) amount of training I have had to skip. Right now I feel like I did on Tuesday - I could quite easily spend the rest of the afternoon sleeping but I really cannot afford to miss this meeting.

Fingers crossed and my tummy will settle down.

POSTDATA: (Not quite sure whether "postdata" makes sense in English - I think it has crept into my vocabulary from Spanish.) I rather un-sensibly went back to the gym to finish the workout as I started to feel a bit better in the late afternoon - it seems like I actually managed to digest my lunch properly. It's stupid I know, but I feel better for having completed the workout (even though it wasn't quite the same as doing it in one go, but hey).

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