Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The only animal to trip over the same stone twice...

I went for a nice easy run with a new work colleague today, to show him how lucky we are to have so many good routes nearby. Just as we were setting out I told him about tripping over a paving stone in London an how my foot was still a bit inflamed but that I wasn't planning to see a doctor about it because I knew that they would probably just tell me to rest it. Well, only a few minutes into the run I tripped over a (different) stone stubbing the big toe of the same foot... Half way through the run I had to stop at a fountain and immerse my foot in cold water for a few minutes. After him warning me he wouldn't be able to run too fast, in the end I was the one holding him back! Now I am waiting in the hospital to see how serious it is. It is very inflamed and very sensitive to touch... Just when I was going so well! Oh we'll, fingers crossed.

UPDATE: Nothing broken. What I have is a a bursitis (an inflamed bursa - the thingy that helps tendons slide smoothly over bone). The different bursae have specific names for the associated inflammation like Infrapatellar bursitis - otherwise known as Clergyman's knee - or Ischial bursitis - otherwise known as Weaver's bottom. Perhaps what I have is known more commonly as Dickhead's foot. The doctor said the usual: rest, ice and anti-inflammatories. Actually he said "relative rest" - relative to what? Relative to the training regime of a world class Marathoner? I did say to him "Please don't take this the wrong way but, if I were to ignore everything you said except the part about ice and pills, would I end up doing myself permanent damage?". He said that I would only end up slowing down the recovery process. So that's sorted then, I'll just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get worse (as well as being extra blood careful not to trip over again!!). It is noticeably better today so I will see whether the 40 minute run at Marathon pace that I had planned is tolerable.


  1. Bueno parece que no ha sido nada. Ánimo que en Sevilla te vas a salir, te voy a exigir que bajes de 2:50 como poco :-).

    1. Gracias Santi. Casualidades de la vida: el compañero con quien corría era Manolo. Nos vemos!

  2. Ouch! Watch it out there mate! Keep training and racing hard :)