Thursday, May 31, 2012

Triathlon in a day

I came in to work running this morning, I went swimming at lunch time and soon I will go home on the bike (with new front inner tube). I even had a photo shoot at lunchtime for a book showing the various activities that employees get up to. In my case I got to ride my bike in the forest nearby (it's actually a private area open only to employees - I personally prefer to use the rest of the forest as the whole point of training outside for me is not to feel like I'm fenced in).

With the logistical challenge of a triathlon (with press photo shoot!) during the week, it was inevitable that I would end up cutting some corners, some intentional (like wearing my RunAmoc Dash shoes which were small enough and light enough to carry in my backpack) and some unintentional (let's just say I forgot a couple of key items of clothing). I think I was really pushing the envelope of what can be considered formal business attire. I think I play the "oh, he's English so he's a bit eccentric" card a bit too often...


  1. Hi, just seen your comment on my blog on TT about IM Brazil! (I havent checked it for a while!)
    How was your race? Mine went ok, nothing startling but happy to get round. At the time I thought that the course was a bit dull, but looking back, I think I just had huge expectations just because it was Brazil! Overall, loved the race, and really loved Brazil, would love to go back one day.
    The Quin didnt quite go to plan, got too cold in the tent after day 2, and just couldnt get any warmth inside me for the swim on day 3. Never mind, lesson learnt there!
    May bump into you at another race one day...


    1. wow, you really don't check your blog much - that was a year ago! (for those of you wondering what a "quin" is, it is a 5x ironman...)

      yes, the course was pretty dull and, for being my first ironman, i found it pretty boring - i had high expectations about brazil's party atmosphere like you say, as well as the emotion of taking part in such a big race that i had spent so many months preparing for. still, it had its moments! you can read my report here if you are interested

      what's next?