Thursday, May 24, 2012

ITU Triathlon World Championship Series (Madrid)

What better way to celebrate my one year Ironman anniversary (Ironman Florianópolis 2012 takes place on Sunday) than to go down to the Casa de Campo to watch the World's best Olympic distance triathletes battling it out for first place.

One thing that I really like about triathlon is the way that "popular" atheletes (or "age groupers") rub shoulders with the professional, elite athletes - in Ironman distance events, perhaps even literally in the swim. The elite men's race is at 13:56 on Sunday but there are a series of events open to all on the Saturday, before the elite women's race. As none of the three disciplines in Triathlon involve football or basketball, there has been very little publicity; the only reason I know about it is that I happened to cycle past the start line last night, where the boxes are already set up.

I think I will go there either running or cycling alongside my eldest son - this can be his first "training" for the ride around Madrid. My wife and my youngest can take their bikes in the car and meet us there. Now there just remains the question of who I will support - the Brownlees or Javier Gómez Noya?

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