Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Never mention the puncture demon

I was telling someone only today about the last time I got a puncture on my mountain bike and how I ended up with a broken elbow as a result. Never mention the p word. I haven't had a puncture since then. Damn, I just said it again.

I went to get my bike and found the front tire was completely flat. If it hadn't been for the fact that I realized that I had over inflate it last night before letting some air out again, I would have thought that it was the work of a malicious security guard for having parked the bike outside the rack. When you over inflate a tire, i the inner tube expands into the holes where the spokes go and potentially creates a massive rip. Not only that, but you may have to put new tape over the spoke holes to stop it from happening again (note to self). As it has been so long since I last got a puncture (shut up!!) it turned out that the spare inner tube I had was actually for a road bike. Never mind, I thought, I have some patches. Fixed up the tire, got it to a reasonable pressure, one more pump should do it then psshhhhh.

Had to call the bike rescue service (my long suffering wife) to pick me up. I could either go in running and cycle back or - what seems like a better plan - drive in and drive the damn thing back home (supposing it hasn't been nicked in the meantime).

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