Monday, April 16, 2012

Better the devil you know...

Actually, the Spanish phrase is a bit closer to what I want to say: "Better the known bad than the good you have yet to know". Not that the Lisbon International Triathlon is bad, far from it. This year I thought I would try a different Half Ironman after having taken part in the Lisbon Half Ironman the last two years and it ended in disappointment. So I am going back to the fold and I have just taken advantage of an offer for previous competitors to sign up for 100 €. So that's my triathlon for 2013 sorted. The WTC 70.3 events look really cool, just either too hilly, too hot, too far, too complicated to get to... In the end, Lisbon is perfect: not too hot, good time of year, flat course, easy to get to, etc. I'm also curious to compare to last year, to see if (a) my swimming will have improved and (b) whether my super bike makes any difference on the flat out and back course.

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