Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photos from Madrid Rock 'n' Roll 10K

As I mentioned in my report, I had a photo taken with the Mayoress of Madrid, Ana Botella, because I was right at the front and happened to be standing immediately behind her. I haven't seen this photo anywhere - I was hoping it might make the newspapers - and I have an inkling why. I remember that I had just put one of those nasal strips on my nose but, as usually happens (for this reason I always take two to a race), it had started to come unstuck. Not wanting to spoil the photo by fiddling about with my nose, I tried not to think about it but found that I couldn't resist looking at it. I expect that they decided not to use the photos of Ana Botella in which a big guy standing right behind her was pulling a cross-eyed face.

I must run with my eyes practically closed most of the time because that's how I came out in most of the race photos. Another unfortunate potential photo spoiler is my tendency to accumulate large amounts of spittle in my beard as the race progresses. Here are some of the better photos

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