Sunday, April 22, 2012

Results from Madrid Rock 'n' Roll 10K

In the end I must have made quite an effort today because I feel really knackered. Must have been all those hills and perhaps the little bit of extra weight I had to carry up them since I last raced. In the end my time was 37:35, a whisker faster than my best standalone 10K time of 37:45 but only a few seconds faster than the time I passed the 10K marker during my last Half Marathon. Even so, I was 69th out of about 7,000 runners and 13th in my age group. I expect most of the faster runners were competing in the Marathon.

I'd forgotten how much a 10K race can hurt... If only there was a race as short as a 10K and as intense as a Marathon...


  1. You mate, you were supposed to run a Half Ironman triathlon a week ago, so the results is really good, and your PB was still the one you had, son these are excellent news. Motivation is a must to reach your reasonable time. Thus, congratulations. You have a real fit status, ready to push it into any event.


    1. thanks johnny! i suppose i was falling into the typical trap of "oh, it's only a 10k". it's easy to see that, if you trained for a 10k and tried to complete a marathon, you'd probably struggle to finish so it follows that, if you train for a marathon (or half ironman) and run a 10k, you can't expect to have the speed you would otherwise have. more than the result it was the disappointment in myself for not having wanted to push myself to the limits. still, i must have pushed pretty hard.