Friday, January 13, 2012

Found it... sense or my wallet? Both I hope.

After having cancelled all my credit cards, I got a call this morning saying that my wallet had been found halfway between the gym and the gates. Must have left it on top of the car then. I did actually go back to look for it there last night but it was dark. My wallet was missing half the cards so I went back to the scene and found the rest of them liberally spewn all over a 200m stretch of road.

I rang Jonathan today to say that we had to seriously rethink my training load. A shame really, because physically I am tolerating it very well and I am currently running further and faster than ever before. I want to focus now on running the Marathon and this will free up a lot of time (hopefully) when I would otherwise be swimming and cycling. Once that is over, I should have enough time before the Half Ironman to at least be able to comfortably complete the distance in the sea and on the bike. In the end, all I want to do is enjoy the chance to bomb along on my new bike in the aero position without having to worry about cars!

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