Thursday, September 1, 2011

A short break

If I had any doubts about whether I should train after Tuesday's experience, the run I did yesterday cleared things up nicely. I set off on a 90 minute round trip at a good, comfortable pace of around 13kp/h (3:47 per kilometer) but after about half an hour I was feeling much more tired than I would normally feel. By half way I was feeling decidedly crap and wondering whether I should just jog the remaining 15 minutes to my house and get a taxi back to work or whether to attempt the run back. The 45 minute run back turned into more of a 55 minute run back as each kilometer was harder than the one before it. By the end just walking at a snail's pace was elevating my heart rate to 150 bpm, the aerobic threshold at which I do most of my training runs. I felt as exhausted as I would have done after a 3 hour run or after "bonking". Today it is clear that the cold has gone south and the infection is now in my lungs so there's no more training for me until I am feeling a bit better.

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