Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If you don't ask, you don't get...

This photo may look like an ordinary bike rack to you but this represents a huge victory, requiring some serious string pulling at the highest echelons of my company (which has about 150,000 employees world wide). This is the solution I was promised to the sudden and inexplicable ban on cycling on campus at work. After much speculation as to what the cause might have been - was it an insurance problem? - it seems that the reason all along has been the lack of official parking spaces for bikes. Now I can go from the gym to my office on the bike without having to wait for the internal bus, commuting by bike once more makes logistic sense. Hopefully the initiative will attract more than the poultry 7 currently catered for cyclists (out of a possible 6,500), especially those who don't have a convenient parking space and could stick a fold-up bike in the boot of their car.

If you are wondering what is under the plastic bag, I can tell you. It is a custom made sign indicating parking for bikes... Once it is unveiled and we are allowed once more to ride around campus, I'll post it here.

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