Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chia Running

The other day I was browsing Amazon (which, by the way, started up around here, in Seattle) and I was recommended some Chia seeds. These are used by the Tarahumara Indians who feature in the bestselling book "Born to Run". Apparently these seeds were considered by the Aztecs to be a food of the gods. They reportedly have excellent antioxidant properties as well as containing omega 3 and omega 6 in a favorable ratio.

I managed to find some in a trendy pharmacy in the public market in Seattle. I haven't noticed the energizing properties that some say they have but it is still early days. The seeds are not unpleasant to break open with your teeth and they have a strange gelatinous quality, especially if you dissolve them in water. The seeds absorb a lot of water and it is just possible that they help you hyperhydrate rather like taking glycerol (which I recently read was added to the banned substance list last year for it's use as a masking agent).

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