Monday, May 23, 2011

The weather in Floripa

When I was growing up, the weather was the butt of many jokes - "The forecast says it will be sunny so we'd better take an umbrella", etc. Somewhere along the way, it seems as though either the forecasts have got better or we have become more gullible. I've started to watch the weather forecast much more often lately as there have been days that have started off sunny and ended up with a storm - not fun if you are halfway through a long ride and without a jacket. But it still seems to be fairly unreliable. I often wonder whether someone has ever gone to the trouble of benchmarking the various weather forecast providers against what actually happened in reality - it wouldn't be such a difficult thing to do.

So here's my attempt. Above is the forecast for race day in Florianópolis, one week before the event. Let's see how much it changes between now and the day in question! It looks like it could be quite windy which is not ideal but the relative humidity is much lower than I have seen it (yes, I've been following the weather in Floripa for some time now...). (By the way, the times look as though they are according to the Spanish clock which is 5 hours ahead. This means that getting up on race day will be like having a lie in!)

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