Monday, November 3, 2014

La Behobia Week 7 / 8

Not mine - I wish! - but a friend's
It was strange to think that the New York marathon was going ahead without me this year, as it has been something not far from my thoughts for many years, until I was finally able to take part last year. I am torn between the idea of participating again and not wanting to risk tarnishing the memory of last year by anything less than a perfect day. It helped motivate me while I was running on Sunday - at the same pace I ran the Marathon last year - to think that 5,000 kilometrers away the race was weaving its way through the streets of the city I love so much.

I needed a bit of motivation because my weekend did not get off to a particularly good start from a running point of view. Just the day before I had decided I wouldn't bother going back to see the podiatrist because my foot seemed a lot better so I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that my other foot had started to hurt in an all too familiar way. At least before I could blame the problems on my bunion but my left foot is pretty normal if not a bit flatfooted. Pressing hard between my toes while squeezing the bones together, I could reproduce that radiating pain that seems to be another Morton's Neuroma. This probably means I should retire my Vibrams for good and maybe consider something even more supportive and protective than my Merrill Trail Gloves, which I have only just got my feet used to (I'm still getting blisters!). On top of that my head cold seemed to be deciding whether or not to head down to my lungs. So, for my run on Sunday I thought I would drive down to Madrid Río which was flat with no stones or other obstacles and would be bustling with other joggers and cyclists to help pull me along. It was a good plan but I got a bit lost and ended up having to run the first half on hilly and stony paths. Still, it was a good run and my foot hurt less as it wore on - as long as I didn't tread on any stones.

Maybe one of the contributing factors to my foot problems has been continuing to run on my treadmill in spite of the crevasse in the middle of the running surface. The first of my two 5K sets with 3% gradient was OK - although I couldn't figure out whether the extra give in the surface was making it easier or harder - but, during the second, there was an ominous crack and the belt started to develop a line down the middle as it was getting forced into the crack. Best to stop before I break something else, I thought, so I finished the second 5K in the street (still "topless" which raised a few eyebrows in the neigbourhood, considering it was past dark in almost November). I'm still waiting to get it repaired and it looks as though it is unlikely to happen before the race next weekend. But my work is done here, so it doesn't make much difference now...

Monday: -
Tuesday: 2 x 5K @ 3:35 w/ 3% gradient
Wednesday: 40' @ 4:07
Thursday: 2 x 8 x 60% + 40' @ 4:27
Friday: -
Saturday: 3 x (200 - 600 - 1,000) @ 4:00 w/ 9%, 6%, 3% gradient, rest only between sets
Sunday: 10' + 60' @ 4:00 + 10'

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  1. Hi Rob, you keep fit using treadmill! And as usual, very good trainings!
    Good way to Donosti! Cheers!