Monday, October 27, 2014

La Behobia Week 6 / 8

My 2,000 € treadmill seems to be even less resistant than my minimalist running shoes: after less than 400 kilometres and 5 months, I have already broken the board. As a friend pointed out, maybe I should wear more cushiony shoes not to protect my feet, but to protect my treadmill! I didn't have high expectations of my previous treadmill that was a third of the price but this is a bit too much: at least it is still under guarantee...

I also had a case of toothache which turned out to be due to a wisdom tooth that had decided it was time to push the other teeth around a bit (typically during the night). The verdict is that I will have to have it pulled but I narrowly escaped having it done today as I had an important meeting right afterwards. In the end, I didn't manage to get a word in edgeways, so it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway... Something to look forward to next week.

Saturday was a good opportunity to get some more fun out of my octopus costume - the one I ran San Silvestre in last New Year's Eve. As it was Halloween in the local American School - where they take these things very seriously - I thought I should try to make it a little bit more scary.

It was my youngest son's 10th birthday on Sunday, so I went for my long run in the early evening (while he was doing his homework) so as not to miss any of it. I really enjoyed the run - even though we are practically in November, it has been quite hot during the day, so it was nice and cool in the Casa del Campo with breathtaking views of Madrid as I ran past the cable cars down the long hill which I would have to run back up on the way back.

Monday: 40' @ 4:27
Tuesday: 1K + 3K + 2K + 3K + 1K @ 3:25 w/ 1' rest
Wednesday: 3 x 12 x 65% + 40' @ 4:27
Thursday: 40' @ 4:27
Friday: La Behobia part I @ 4:27
Saturday: 3 x (800 - 400 - 200 - 1,000) @ 4:00 w/ 3%, 6%, 9%, 3% gradient, 1' rest
Sunday: 100' w/ bigger hills @ 4:33

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