Monday, January 27, 2014

Bupa London 10,000 Week 3 / 9

Monday: 2 x (2' @ 3:00, 2' @ 6:00) + 11 x (1' @ 3:00, 1' @ 6:00)
Tuesday: 45' @ 4:00
Wednesday: 1K, jog 2', 3K, jog 5', 2K, jog 4', 3K, jog 5', 1K @ 3:30
Thursday: 45' @ 4:00
Friday: 3 x (800-400-200-1,000) @ 3:40, jog 2', 3:25, jog 1', 3:10, jog 30", 3:40, jog 4'
Saturday: 60' @ 4:00
Sunday: plyometrics

I had hoped by now to be able to cope with three lots of 2 minutes at my VO2Max pace of 3:00 (20 kph) but I felt that I couldn't manage a third one, so I did the rest as 1 minute on, 1 minute off. There's no rush, I'll get to my goal of 5 lots of 3 minutes eventually!

Otherwise, the rest of the week went very much as planned. Probably the most exciting thing was building my "interesting box" as my son calls it. The box is a "plyometric box" or "CrossFit box" for jumping onto and for jumping off, to improve my eccentric strength and elasticity. There's no way I would have undertaken such a task if it weren't for my friend

or Manolo Manitas, as you see him below, putting the final touches to the inner brace before screwing on the lid. It was at this moment that we discovered that the guy in the shop had cut the pieces for the brace slightly short but, without so much as a sigh or the batting of an eyelid - let alone a swearword - Manny came up with a brilliant solution (or "chapuza") involving gluing on some extra bits of wood. Noone will ever know unless they break open the box (or if they read this blog). I found the experience quite cathatric as I would have probably kicked the thing to pieces in frustration before realizing that there was a solution...

I hadn't realized just how bloody big the box was going to be. Perhaps I was thinking of what 20 x 24 x 30 centimetres would look like when I knew perfectly well that the dimensions were in inches. Somehow, the box I had seen in the gym didn't seem so daunting with all that space around it. Where the hell am I going to put the damn thing?

Now it will certainly be easier to incorporate plyometrics into my weekly training (as long as I don't have to keep the box somewhere inconvenient - it weighs quite a lot more than you would think). I suspect it will live outside so I'll have to give it a good coat of varnish and keep it elevated from the ground under a cover. In the meantime, I can dream of being able to do this:

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