Monday, January 13, 2014

Bupa London 10,000 Week 1 / 9

Monday: -
Tuesday: 15 x (1' @ 3:00, 1' @ 6:00), 40' @ 4:00
Wednesday: 40' @ 4:00
Thursday: 6 x (400-200) + 400, 400 @ 3:10 w/ 1' jog, 200 @ 2:50 w/ 30" jog
Friday: 6 x 1,600 @ 3:25
Saturday: 50' @ 4:00
Sunday: 50' @ 4:00, 40' @ 4:00
Total kilometres: 76

It feels good to be back to work - I mean, of course, in the sense of training. I'm pleased to be able to say that I haven't lost too much fitness or gained too much weight in spite of a few weeks off. When I drew up this training plan, I pitched this week to be harder than my starting point for the build up to Aranjuez 10K but less intense than the peak I managed to get too. However, this time I plan to get to a higher peak and I have a few more weeks in which to do it. One thing I have noticed for sure, is that the "recovery runs" at 4:00 minute per kilometre pace feel very easy, to the point that I again find myself wondering whether it is me getting faster or my treadmill getting slower.

The treadmill is becoming a bit of a habit. There are plenty of people that refer to it as the "dreadmill" and fret over having to train indoors during the winter months, but I find it so convenient just being able to pop down to the basement and catch up with my current favourite TV show. I can even be babysitting the kids at the same time if my wife is out, as was the case on Sunday, but I was unaware that they had locked themselves out in the garden (without a coat!) and had been ringing the doorbell, which I couldn't hear over the sounds of zombies in my headphones. Oops.

I expect I'll start running a bit more outside soon, once the weather brightens up a little bit. Abusing the treadmill no doubt introduces some quirks into my running gait as well as potentially increasing my risk for spraining an ankle, as I don't get to train anything but a perfectly stable stride. For this and other reasons, I should also do some kind of strength training like sprinting up hills or jumping off boxes, especially now that I don't follow any kind of weights programme. Next week... :-)

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