Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bupa London 10,000 Week 2 / 9

The week got off to a good start and I found my vVO2Max intervals on Tuesday much easier than usual. When I say "than usual", I am referring to the last time I did them which was several weeks ago. I couldn't help noticing that I was settling into a higher cadence than I normally run at (not that I normally run that fast, mind you) so perhaps I am still finding that optimal balance between bouncing too high and bouncing too often. Perhaps it also had to do with having had a few easy weeks beforehand because on Wednesday - although it was in the sweltering sauna of the work gym - I found it extremely difficult to complete my set run of 40 minutes at Marathon pace, so I cut it short to 30 minutes. I would have done it at home, but my parents were arriving that evening and I didn't want to disappear off to the treadmill in the basement.

I've started "training" my youngest son, Adrian, who is 9 years old. I should probably say that we are "practicing running" rather than training, in order to avoid the wrath of the sort of people who hang out on the LetsRun forums and pounce on anyone asking advice on how to "train their son / daughter", calling them a bad parent and stopping just short of calling social services. I like to think that Adrian enjoys spending quality one-on-one time with his dad and he seems to enjoy the running itself, but I have to be careful not to push him too hard or, indeed, not to let him push himself to hard in a bid to make his father proud (which I am anyway, of course). We've started just running a few loops around the park and, more than anything else, I'd like him to get a feel for pace, for what he is able to maintain and what it feels like if he goes off too fast at the beginning and so on. Hearing him thud along in his rigid trainers prompted me to buy him some Vibram Five Fingers but, before you do call social services, I will take it very slow with him and see how he adapts to them. My hunch is that it will be much easier for him to make the transition (after all, he has run in minimalist shoes like those made by Vivobarefoot in the past) as he has had much fewer years shod on this Earth than I have and he is only just beginning to run. Also, children are much more adaptable than adults, as I found to my cost when I switched over to Vibrams a little too enthusiastically the first time around.

The rest of the week was pretty much "business as usual". It feels good to be back in the swing of things again.

Monday: -
Tuesday: 3' @ 3:00, 3' @ 6:00 + 6 x (2' @ 3:00, 2' @ 6:00)
Wednesday: 30' @ 4:00
Thursday: 40' @ 4:00
Friday: 6 x 200m-400m + 400m, 200m @ 3:00 w/ 30" jog, 400m @ 3:10 w/ 1' jog
Saturday: 40' @ 4:00
Sunday: 6 x 1,600m @ 3:25

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