Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weight a minute...

I can't help smiling to myself when I hear people talking about wanting to lose a couple of kilos. Not out of superiority or anything like that but because my weight can easily fluctuate by 4 or more kilos in a week as a function of how hydrated I am. The only way that I can tell if my weight is heading in a good direction is by plotting a graph over several months, like the one below:

I always weighed myself on the same scales, after doing a workout. Aha, I hear you say, no wonder your weight fluctuates so much - it depends on how much you happened to sweat. The same thing would happen if I weighed myself at any other time, as I know from experience, because it would instead depend on how much I had hydrated since my last workout. I realize that the results will be biased downwards but who cares, as long as I am consistently biased. There definitely looks to be some kind of downward trend going on there. The interesting thing will be to see how much it bounces back over the two weeks of taper and, in particular, the three days of carbo loading. I probably won't weigh myself then, though, as it will only give me the pre-race heebie jeebies.

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