Friday, September 20, 2013

New York City Marathon Week 5 / 11

Monday: core
Tuesday: 6 x 1,600 m @ 3:25
Wednesday: 60' easy (4:55) + hill sprints + plyometrics + core
Thursday: 7 km aerobic test in 25:29 (average HR 167)
Friday: 40' @ 4:27 + hill sprints + plyometrics
Saturday: 20' @ 4:27
Sunday: 10 km race (Madrid Corre por Madrid)
+ PowerBreathe + achilles most days
Total kilometers: 50

The observant amongst you - or indeed those that obsessively check my blog every day to see whether there is a new post - will be wondering how I can write up my week's training log on a Friday. That's because the training is in the bag, all but the race on Sunday for which I will be posting a separate report as usual.

As a result of the race, this week has been very light on kilometers but that is made up for to some extent by intensity. On the other hand it did mean that, for once, I was able to fit in two - yes, two - sessions of plyometrics and hill sprints. I'm no longer feeling quite so stiff after doing them the next day.

Over the last few weeks I've been building up the length of my intervals in exchange for doing fewer of them. However, last week was the peak in terms of total time: 8 x 5 minutes. This week was noticeably easier as I only did 6 sets of 1 mile (6 x 5:20).

But by far the best workout of the week was the "aerobic test" I did early on Thursday morning. It was cooler (14 degrees) than the last time I did the same test of 20 laps (7 km) around the football pitch aiming for a heart rate of 172 bpm. It was also less windy. In fact, I only hit the magic 172 bpm during the last 4 laps and recorded not only a record low average heart rate (167) but also a best time (25:30). The point of this test is to be a "sub-maximal test" that doesn't require days to completely recover from (unlike the 10K race on Sunday, for example) as well as being a fairly consistent benchmark to which I can measure my progress. The weather as well as accumulated training fatigue are factors which can significantly effect the results but here is a table of the 6 tests I have done so far this year:

The particularly encouraging thing is that this is at a point when I am extending my endurance to cope with much longer runs than I was doing back in April, say. Let's see if it translates into results in maximal tests.

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