Monday, June 3, 2013

Family cycle ride

To be honest I can't really remember too well what training I did this week, which I guess is a good sign in that it means that I am starting to relax about what I do without relaxing what I do. I do remember doing an interval session of some sort but most of the other days involved going for a 40 minute run with work colleagues at lunch time.

Perhaps in preparation for the influx of new members due to the recent absorption of Banesto by my bank, the gym has added several new cardiovascular machines. In particular, my eye was caught by a very fancy looking running machine which, as well as reaching speeds of 24 kph, has a touch screen with TV and internet connection. Also, as it is in a part of the gym away from all the other machines, I thought that it might be cool enough to try a hard workout. First of all, the TV wasn't connected and the internet didn't work so I had to content myself with watching the time tick by second by second while I attempted to run 3 x 15 minutes at 15 kph, 16 kph and 16.5 kph - a workout I have done on my home treadmill several times without any problems. Whether it was the boredom, the heat or the tiredness from the intervals from the day before, I didn't feel up to finishing so ended up running 15 minutes at 15 kph, 5 at 16 kph and then, after a fairly long break, 20 minutes at 15 kph. I would like to be able to do my interval and quality sessions at lunchtime because I don't like them "hanging over me" during the day or having to take time out of the family to do them. Maybe I'll try taking a film in on my computer (although it will have to be a much tamer one than the sort I tend to put on in my basement to run to).

It took a bit of convincing but I managed to get the whole family on their bikes on Saturday afternoon for a 14 kilometer ride along pavements, bike paths and fields down to the Casa de Campo and back. The only hitch was that Adrian, my youngest, started to cough and I had to race back to the house to get a Ventolin inhaler, adding another 8 km to my ride which was probably a good thing. Once we got to the Casa de Campo, the kids loved it and raced off along the undulating sandy paths.

Some of the hills were really quite challenging for them, especially considering that their combined weight with their bikes almost doubled their body weight. As a special treat, we stopped off at a restuarant near home and they got to eat pizza...

Crashing out

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