Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New York Marathon 2013?

I waited like an excited kid on Christmas day for 12 noon EDT (6 pm Madrid time) and by 12:03 EDT I had already applied for the 2013 New York Marathon. I've paid my $11 for what is now the fourth time and I find myself again in a lottery to see whether I get to run this year or not. I'm not sure whether the odds are better in the general lottery or in the one which I am in, for people with a qualifying time, for which there are only 2,000 slots and priority goes to those qualifying in NYRR races. I suspect my changes are slightly better but still far from certain - I tried to get the organizers to give me some idea by asking them how many time qualifiers they had in a normal year and, of those, how many were from NYRR races but, of course, they didn't answer as this information is worth a lot of money in terms of $11 "lottery tickets" that people like myself might otherwise not have bought.

Well, if not this year then next year for sure!

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