Monday, October 29, 2012

Follow me during the New York Marathon!

Just in case you have got nothing better to do, here is a suggestion for how to spend your Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Twitter (whose raison d'être I have had trouble appreciating until now) you will be able to follow my progress along the New York Marathon course in real time! Forget the London Olympics, this will be the media event of your Sunday afternoon.

I've set things up so that my race splits should be posted to my Twitter account - all you have to do is "follow me". I might add that I stand to benefit in no way from you "following me" and you might want to "unfollow me" afterwards as my Twitter account must rank as one of the most boring and inactive in the Twitterverse. Alternatively, if you are a "friend" (or even a friend without the quotes) on Facebook, then you should receive updates there, whether you want them or not. All you have to do is click on this link:

 Follow @teticio

(I just figured out that you don't need a Twitter account yourself, you can see my "twits" by just clicking here.)

My wave will be setting out at 9:40 am New York time and, as I am in the last "corral" (makes us sound like sheep), the race organizers estimate a further 10 minutes will pass before I actually cross the start line... That works out as 2:40-2:50 pm Madrid time or 1:40-1:50 London time, so get yourself a beer, sit yourself down in front of your Twitter account and wait for the excitement to begin. Let's see if I can get my number of Twitter followers into double digits!

If you are actually in the United States (or have a VPN account that is), then you can actually watch live. Better yet, if you live in New York or its environs, come down and shout for me. I'll be wearing bib number 10195 so you'll easily be able to pick me out. To help you a little, I can tell you I'll be wearing an orange sleeveless vest, black shorts, long black socks and white shoes - purely for fashion reasons, obviously.

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