Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The weather

I must be one of very few Nonfarmers in Spain who thought this morning, "Oh good, it's cold and raining". And, considering that someone had smashed the window of the car I was driving (in order to steal items amounting in value to less than the cost of replacing said window) this is all the more surprising.

When my wife and I were deciding on whether to move to Spain to live or to stay in the UK, we wrote a list of "pros" and "cons". I remember quite clearly saying that her "pro" of "the weather in Spain" didn't count as a serious consideration. After moving to Spain, I saw just how wrong I was. While it is amazing to be able to go for a quick swim after work or to walk around town at 3 in the morning in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, more than the heat it's the light that makes all the difference. The blue skies and just being able to see that the Sun is still there lift your spirits. My favourite time of year is winter in spite of it often being more biting than winters back home. Spring and Autumn in Madrid don't really exist as such although, if they did, I'm sure they would be my favourite seasons.

I've noticed that, since I started to do so much exercise outdoors, it has severely impacted my perception of the weather. As I work in an office, almost all the time I spend outside (other than at the weekend) is spent training. As far as I am concerned, it can never be too cold to go running - or, at least, I have not yet had that experience - but it is often too hot to go running. I enjoy training in London so much more, partly because it is a change of scenery, partly because I love running through cities but mostly because - as long as it is not raining heavily - the temperature is usually perfect for running. Perhaps that is why I am looking fondly at the grey Madrid skies above and looking forward to my cold and wet run at lunchtime.

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  1. It was +34 C yesterday in Belgrade. This year we had 100 days with daily highs above +30 C. From those 100 days, some 20-30 days had daily highs >35 C.
    I consider running on temperatures above +25 C as a very unpleasant experience. With few exceptions this early autumn, it is still hard to manage to catch the morning temperature below + 20 C, that would mean get up at 6 AM and start runnung at 7 AM and if its a DSL second half would be in the heat again. Very hard for me since i bring kids to school and kindergarten or to grandparents in order to squeeze an hour or two to run. In the evening it is usually more fresh but i am often too tired and i love the sun and i prefer morning runs when my energy is high.
    so i can say that weather basically makes huge impact on my form during summer and its one more reason for a step toward cycling.

    i cant wait next week when morning temperatures 15-18 C are in sight.

    and finally, i am very grateful for this weather, that like you said BLUE SKIES is something not unusual. two weeks ago i ran a stockholm marathon, we had great luck with weather, because its soooo cold and windy there!!!
    +15 C is a superb weather for running but if too wet or windy, its already a different scenario!