Monday, July 16, 2012

New commute route

I recently discovered a new route to work thanks to Wikiloc. I'd always thought it must be possible to go round the other way, via the Casa de Campo, but the chance of running into a fence and having to retrace my steps had put me off trying. I'd also been looking for a way to get from my house to the Casa de Campo (so I could go with my son) via bike lanes and paths and this route also solved that little problem for me.

Looks uncannily like a map of Spain
I did this route on Sunday - basically a big loop starting from my house and passing by my work- 45 km at an average of 20 kph. Going round in an anti-clockwise direction, the first section down to the bottom left hand corner is my original route to work; the alternative is the right hand semicircle, although I would probably shave a few kilometres off it in practice.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed mountain biking.

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