Monday, July 9, 2012

An expensive hobby

I've been trying to cut down significantly on tri related purchases this year - in relative terms I am doing fantastically well but this is largely because I spent an absurd amount last year. In absolute terms, there is a lot of room for improvement still. The main culprit has been the need to replace my sunglasses that I must have left somewhere during a ride I did a few weeks ago. These were the sunglasses I used in the Ironman and had those photosensitive lenses that made them especially suitable for a race which started at dawn and finished at dusk. They were also very useful for commuting as I have found that wearing eye protection stops my eyes from watering and reduces the need to fire snot rockets.
If there was one "complaint" I had about the previous glasses it was that I would end up looking over the top of the glasses whenever I was in the aero position. It makes a huge difference not having to crane your neck - in fact I think this is the main reason that I am able to stay in the aero position for longer during competitions where you have free reign of the whole road and you don't need to look so much where you are going. So this time I decided to go for the biggest lenses - almost a visor - even if they do look a bit dorky. The lenses are photosensitive and red, supposedly giving better contrast (I would have gone for clear ones if they had existed).

A quick lunchtime run at work

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