Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why it's important to keep a training log

Today I received a speeding ticket with photographic evidence. It was dated the 18th of March (quite why it takes 4 months to arrive - in which time you could have racked up quite a number of them - is beyond me) so it was hard to remember who was driving that day, and it wasn't possible to make anything out from the photo of course. My wife was quite convinced that it was me driving that day and I was quite convinced that it was her. In the end there were no points only a fine to be paid so it is really only an intellectual quibbling point but I was pleased to be able to pull out my training log and prove beyond all doubt that it hadn't been me: that day I had gone to work running...

By the way, the location of the speed camera that caught her was just by the headquarters of DGT (la Dirección General de Tráfico), the very same people who issue the speeding tickets.

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