Monday, February 28, 2011

The shape of things to come

If you have been following this blog then you'll know I am now entering week 8 / 20 - just to confuse you, it should really be week 6 / 18 because I started the countdown a little early (and 20 weeks of training is a nice round number). You can see that last week was the first peak of a total of 4 (not including the competition itself). As I mentioned in my last post, even though the load in the next peak is significantly higher, hopefully it will be the same from a subjective point of view. I certainly hope so because last week was quite tough, at least from a logistic and general discomfort point of view - although that peak looks quite innocent compared to the ones yet to come.

I've also been given a prescription of how much of my time I should be spending in each training zone, according to the program. Up until now I have been filling in the data straight from my watch which means that there will always be a bias towards time spent in the "dead zone" (zone II) because, when I am training in zone I, I am typically just a tiny bit above the cutoff and, when I am training in zone III, a certain amount of time gets recorded in zone II because of the inertia of my heart rate. I'm pretty sure I have been following the prescribed training zones quite well - at least much more closely than the graphs I have been posting are indicating - so this means that I am going to have to take more care in counting the time spent in each zone, using perception and common sense more than just copying and pasting the numbers my watch spits out.

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