Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Muscial interlude

Most of you probably are unaware that my "sporty" years have been a kind of parenthesis around a time when my hobby was deejaying. I built up a pretty impressive collection of vinyl records and deejayed in various clubs - some of them abroad - as well as doing a live radio show and a podcast in Madrid. My deejay friends seem to think that I have gone completely mad and that this blog is only further testament to that fact. Of course they are right, but they don't seem to see the connection which is, for me, "obsession" (or, to put it more fairly, "determination"). To dig out those rare gems, gathering dust in a back room of some struggling record store required a lot of commitment, not to mention knowledge and passion. Neil - my friend in whose honour and memory I am doing the Ironman - was a record digger par excellence. He was also a competitive cyclist in his time so its just possible that, had he still been alive, he might have been my only friend who could understand the draw of records and triathlon.

To some extent the two worlds operate on two different time zones but the real reason, as I lamented on my previous blog - Radio Madrid - is that I have been unable to summon up the passion to keep up my recording (as my wife calls it) since my energies have been diverted into sports. The one exception to that in the last 3 and a half years was a couple of months ago when I was inspired to go down to the basement and record a session that I could easily have recorded with Neil if things had been different. I thought I would post it here - if I can't convert my record friends to triathlon, perhaps I can convert my triathlon friends to records. Here's the tracklist and the link:

persuasive percussion - misirlou
moondog – bird’s lament
carla bley – sing sung lung
the chilites – inner city blues
sir richard – louie louie
george benson quartet – summertime
the third degree - mercy
enoch light and his light brigade – hijack
the jackson 5 – mirrors of my mind
babla and his orchestra – ramaia vatsavaiya
harry raboniwitz and the london festival orchestra- quiller
godiego – monkey magic
dee edwards – why can’t there be love
the deirdre wilson tabac – I can’t keep from crying sometimes
chaquito – special project
ramsey lewis – blue bongo
m + j - rejoyce


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