Saturday, January 8, 2011

I've gone and done it now

Why is it that I have to keep on pulling bits of dead skin off my foot (and there was loads after my foolish footwear last week - we are talking 7cm x 3cm x 1mm) until I accidentally pull off some skin that is still alive? It becomes like an obsession, all time dilates and I could easily spend hours doing it. Maybe that could be the secret to getting in that elusive "zone" that athletes are always talking about although I can't quite see how to combine it with anything else.

It took ages to get those leathery Hobbit like soles on my feet, I hope this doesn't set me back to months of blisters. I wonder if I will be able to run tomorrow...

Postscript: I did an 18km run but the new skin wasn't quite up to the job so it looks like its back to the blister cycle. I've put a Compeed plaster over the raw bit, hopefully that will tide me over until the skin has fully grown back. I really must resist picking next time!

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