Tuesday, December 25, 2012

San Silvestre Vallecana Internacional Week 4/5

First of all, Happy Christmas to everyone reading this (which, I suspect, will be nobody as you all have better things to be doing).

I'm now into my third week with this *^%$@ing cold. I can't say it has really impacted my training but it doesn't make running particularly pleasant and I'm starting to get a sore throat for the third time which, this time, looks like it might be accompanied by some swollen glands. I have to be especially cautious otherwise I'll not only jeopardise the San Silvestre race but - what is far worse - I'll be miserable company for New Year's Eve.

The only other threat to my performance has been in the way of a huge Christmas dinner with my in-laws in Ciudad Real and presents of a box of chocolates so big that it broke under its own weight and an assortment of "retro sweets". I am quite good at controlling what I eat as long as I don't have temptation placed right in front of me. When this happens I tend to go to the other extreme.

In terms of training, I gave myself a day off on Monday (not counting the 4 km run I did with the dog) and I let myself off the long run on Sunday, which became a slightly less long run the next day. I did do all three quality sessions, though:

Tuesday: 4 x 200m @ 19 kph + 3 x 1,000m @ 17.5 kph + 2 x 400m @ 19 kph
Thursday: 4 x 1,000m @ 16 kph + 6 x 200m @ 19 kph + 3,200m acceleration @ 15-17.5 kph
Saturday: 30" @ 16 kph

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