Thursday, November 22, 2012

San Silvestre Vallecana 2012

It's very strange but there are still no signs of life in Nikeland on the subject of the annual 10K race held in the centre of Madrid on New Year's Eve, attended by over 30,000 runners...

This year I have gone to the trouble of getting a qualifying time (sub 38 minutes for 10K) in one of the very very few races that they actually recognize so that I may take part in the "International Edition" which sets off a couple of hours earlier and provides the ideal conditions for obtaining a Personal Best (fast runners, wide streets, slightly downhill most of the way). I feel that my 10K time has got a little out of sync with my Half Marathon PB (in which I passed the 10K mark only 5 seconds after my best time in a standalone 10K race).

Anyway, it's all very fishy. Normally the inscriptions are open by now (last year they were opened on the 8th of November, the year before on the 9th and the year before that on the 11th, etc.). In fact, they usually send an email to those who participated the year before a week earlier, giving them a chance to get ahead of the crowds. Maybe there are some negotiations of some sort going on...

Whatever the case, I'll be starting my training plan next week. That gives me 5 weeks to put in a bit of speed. My idea is to follow the tail end of a plan in Jack Daniel's Running Formula book. More on this soon.

UPDATE: Apparently the inscriptions will open on the 3rd of December this year...

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  1. Yes and it was sold out on december 4th... 40 000 runners!!! Amazing!!!